Christian Author, Speaker and Single Mom

As a Christian speaker and author, Ann Lovett Baird has a unique approach. She believes that your walk with God is specific to you based who you are and God’s purpose for you. A God-centered life  means putting Him first.

“I believe that everyone is unique, making our relationships with God also unique.”

By really listening and obeying God, Ann knows she is walking the right path. Her practice of walking by faith without questioning helped her through good and bad times as a single parent. She now wants to share those gifts with other born-again Christians through her speaking and writing.

“In a true relationship with the Lord, you have conversations with Him. I have spent many years listening and talking with God as my guide through life.”

Ann helps you discover your Christian gifts by providing you with guidance to create a strong daily walk with God. She  delivers inspiring, humorous presentations that provide concrete tactics that you can implement immediately.  She uses her more than twenty years of experience in the business world to give you pragmatic solutions for living and succeeding in today’s world.

Book Ann as a speaker at your church or event, or read one of her solution-oriented books, and begin transforming your life toward understanding and receiving your spiritual gifts.

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