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Christ’s Mercy in You

Recently, a friend of mine’s son passed away very suddenly. I have never felt so much grief for a friend before. Her son was just too young, a kind-spirited young man.

I’m sure that I did not have the right words to say. There are none. But I think the depth of my pain came from the mercy of the Lord in my heart. As a mom, I can’t imagine the depth of my friend’s sadness.

I don’t understand it, and probably never will until I am home with the Lord.

What this makes me know is that I always need to be showing God’s mercy in every situation. I’m sure I won’t always be good at it, because I just a flawed human being.

I just pray that God’s mercy shows through me somehow….


Bloom Where You Are Planted

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Last summer I observed this flower growing out of my back porch. I marveled at the notion that a flower would grow like that!


What struck me is that we all need to bloom where we are planted. No matter the workplace, the domestic situation, wherever we are. This flower is not in an ideal place to grow and bloom, but it did anyway!

You may feel like you are in an environment or a situation right now that you don’t like, yet you can bloom and flourish there with God’s strength. I’m not suggesting that you stop striving for something better in your life, but tough times can make you stronger.

Who we become through the tough times makes us better able to carry out God’s plan. Having a purpose in life, according to His plan is a motivation for walking through difficulties. He wants the best for you. His promises always lie on the other side of an uncomfortable or unpleasant situation.

Where are you planted? How is God using you there?

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