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Big Dreams of God’s Purpose

In Genesis, we read about the dream that the Lord gave to Joseph when he was only 17. In the dream God revealed promises of Joseph’s future. Joseph¬†had to wait a long time and endure many trials before the dream came to fruition.

I believe we all have a dream that God has put on our hearts. Not necessarily that we will be ruler of a land or the best surgeon on the planet, but it is a great dream of His calling for us. It is the vision that can drive us forward in spite of life’s¬†storms.

At the beginning of 2017, I encourage you to ask God, “What is the dream You have for me?” You may already know what He has called you to, yet He may have something even greater and more fulfilling for you. Visualize yourself in that dream He has and ask Him for guidance of your steps.

What is your big God-given dream? Please share your thoughts.

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