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Pulling Weeds from Your Heart

I’ve been pulling weeds out of one of my flowerbeds that I have neglected. The weed-eater will not get rid of the weeds because the roots need to be pulled out of the ground. Once I’ve pulled them, I have to throw them in the trash, so they don’t come up again! They spring up fast, so I have to pull a few each week.

It’s the same with weeds in our hearts. We have to pull them out at the root and throw them away or they will come back. And we have to keep working at it. When we get rid of the weeds, God can begin healing our hearts and filling our hearts with love and grace. This has made me examine my heart . . . what are the weeds? Where do the roots of the weeds come from? When the Lord reveals these things to me, then I can release them to Him. For it’s through His strength and power that I can overcome the weeds and their roots.

Are there weeds in your heart? Ask God to show you, and to help pull those weeds by the root and release them to Him. He wants healing for your heart to bless you and fill you with love.

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