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Releasing Shame

Several weeks ago in my prayer time I felt like God was showing me that what is holding me back from achieving what He wants is shame. I was shocked. I was raised in a loving Christian home, I was never abused, my parents always believed in me.

What I discovered is that my shame stems from feeling like I am not good enough. That I always have to prove myself. Christine Caine has just written a book called Unashamed.

When God revealed the issue with shame to me, I remembered something she said in a television interview about shame being related to not feeling good enough. Christine’s book¬†starts with stories of how she was mistreated in school because of her Greek heritage. From that she decided she would prove herself through overachieving. Later, when she was abused, that shame carried over to her feeling like the abuse was her fault, like something was wrong with her.

Nothing is wrong with you or me, except that we are plain ole human beings. God doesn’t see us with a veil of shame. He sees us through the veil of grace. When we accepted Him as savior, our shame, our sin was nailed to the cross with Him.

Please leave a comment about what insight God gave you from this post. Be blessed today!

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