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What is Your Red Sea?

I’ve been reading about Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt with Pharaoh and his armies in hot pursuit. They come up on the Red Sea with a need for a miracle. Though the sea seemed like an insurmountable obstacle in the natural, God had something else in mind.

Maybe you have an obstacle in front of you that seems like an impossible situation. God has a way for you to deal with it. Moses turned to God and asked him what to do next. God instructed him to raise his staff and move his hand over the water. God then caused a strong east wind to part the waters of the sea so that the Israelites could pass safely through.

God is still ready to help you through anything when you turn to Him. If you need help in any area of your life, cry out to God, He will give you solution you need. He may not do what you expect, but He will deliver you.

Setting Goals with God in Mind

I’ve had people ask me, “How do I set goals, if I’m trying to follow God’s leading?” Truthfully, I have dealt with the same question.

Personally, I believe my purpose in life is to help people walk out their faith in a way that honors God. I also believe the notion that you have to know where you are going in order to get there!

I look at the faith of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and think about the fact that Moses didn’t know in advance that God was going to part the Red Sea. He did, however, know his purpose as a leader of the Israelites.

So, I believe, that in order to reconcile personal goal-setting and planning with God, you must be crystal-clear about His purpose for you. You may not know exactly each step of the plan right now, but God will guide you.

Next time you sit down to write goals, stop, ask the Lord to direct you in your goal-setting. Ask Him to clarify your purpose for serving Him. Sometimes He will tell you to do or accomplish something without immediately revealing the details. That’s where your faith steps in. If God can part the Red Sea for the Israelites, imagine what He can do to pave the way for His calling for you!

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