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Life and Death in Words

Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue. And those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Have you ever had someone say something harsh to you that you could not get out of your head? And in ruminating about it, the words start to have power. Satan continues to whisper the harsh words in your ear. Or maybe you say the harsh words to yourself, and the self-judgments become reality. How do you stop that?

Not too long ago, I was in a situation where I was allowing someone’s words to impact me in a negative way. I just cried out to God and filled my head with praise. That was the only way I knew to stop the ugly thoughts, and guess what? It brought “life” to me.

In a sense, I started eating the fruit of life rather than death. Watch your words, proclaim life, proclaim yourself to be the beautiful creature that God created you to be!


Let Your Faith Bloom Every Day

I have a beautiful Hibiscus on my back porch. Everyday beautiful new blooms flourish on the plant. At the end of the day the blooms drop off the plant only to be replaced by the next set of new blooms. This reminded me of our walk of faith.

New blooms occur every day in the form of new insights, blessings (although sometimes disguised), answers from God, or new direction from Him. We take advantage of the new blooms, then, they fade away, only to bring us to the next place of growth, to the next set of blooms.

The daily new blooms represent the seasons that God takes us through. Walking with God means following Him by faith, even when we are not sure where the path will take us. He will always take us to a new season of faith and growth if we will let Him guide us.

Standing Up for Yourself

As Christians, sometimes we let people walk on us because we want to be a good witness or “turn the other cheek.” I find that sometimes I let people walk on me, until at some point I say “that’s enough!”

I just get plain ole mad. While anger is a human emotion and we will experience it, it’s not a good habit. Examining that, I realize that when I let people take advantage of me to the point that I get mad, that the solution is to stand up for myself in the first place.

I mean stand up for myself in healthy ways. Once I was involved in selling a rental property that I owned. The buyer was an investor who needed to do “due diligence.” Typically in a residential real estate transaction, there is an option period for the buyer to inspect the property for a small non-refundable fee given to the seller. During the option period, the buyer can get out of the deal with no penalty. We had a standard option period clause in the contract. I met with him or his representative at least 6 times as he paraded probably 15 people through the property. After the option period had expired, he wanted to extend it and put a lockbox on the property so he could have more people look through it. I didn’t let him put a lockbox on; however, I agreed to continuing meeting them at the property.

I agreed to 5 days. We had a closing set at the title company. About halfway into the 5 days, he said he needed more time. Now I’m annoyed, not furious yet, but I realized all I had to do is say no. Either he closed the deal or release the earnest money. The closing did not happen.

God takes care of these situations. I had faith that He would provide the right buyer, and He did. It was less money than the first offer, but I felt that God was asking me to trust Him in all things. What we see with our worldly awareness is not always the total divine picture. I learned that sometimes I don’t stand up for myself for fear of loss, but God is my ultimate provider anyway!

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