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Drunken Pride

Isaiah 28:1 and 3

“Woe to the crown of pride to the drunkards of Ephraim, whose glorious beauty is a fading flower which is at the head of the verdant valleys, to those who are overcome with wine! . . .The crown of pride, the drunkards of Ephraim, will be trampled under foot. “

As I have read Isaiah 28 in the past few weeks, I see that pride can cause as much drunkenness as too much wine. Pride comes in many forms, not always easily evident. There is pride in false humility, which may seem to contradict what we think about humility. True humility is giving God credit for everything. The amazing athlete, who gives God credit for her win even though she has worked for years to achieve her goal, shows true humility. False humility may come in the form of someone speaking negatively about themselves all the time.

God has called me to be quiet at the first of this year, even reminding me not to give my opinion in a conversation. To be silent has helped me slow down and listen better. And, He showed me that sometimes wanting to give my opinion comes from pride. That was an eye-opener for me!

So drunken pride impedes us from being all that we can be. It gets in the way of living our lives with God and His purpose for us, at the center of all that we do. Drunken pride can cause us to stumble, where we might be trampled. Better to keep our eyes focused on our almighty, yet loving father.

Awe and Wonder

Recently I heard Tim Keller @timkellernyc of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York speak. He said we should be in awe and wonder of our salvation. Isn’t it amazing what God did for us through Christ? Yet, do we forget or take that for granted?

We are privileged to be saved by grace, not only for eternal life, but for our daily life. I believe that the Lord loves to hear His people thank and praise Him for who He is and what He did for us.

Psalm 63:35 actually provides words you can pray to recognize God and His awesomeness!

“Oh God, You are more awesome than Your holy places. The God of Israel is He who gives strength and power to His people. Blessed be God!”

Start your day by thanking and praising God for who He is!

Walking by Faith

What exactly does walking by faith mean? Does it mean that I can stop working and sit on the curb waiting for God to send the mortgage payment? No it doesn’t.

I believe it means following God, being obedient to Him, even when we can’t see the future in front of us. When something happens that we didn’t expect, like a lost job or a negative diagnosis, we continue to communicate with God, to seek Him, to walk by faith knowing that He holds us in His heart.

We have to keep looking to Him. Looking and listening to the world around will not give us the encouragement, nor direction that we need.

Does God direct some to work in ministries that depend on donations? Absolutely. Working in a ministry like that takes a lot of faith. The key question is “What did God say to do?”

That’s a key question for all of us no matter our station or calling in life. It is a question we get the answer to by seeking Him, by listening to Him, by following His direction.

Worship at His Feet

In Matthew 28, we see the women who had gone to Jesus’ tomb only to find it empty, being directed by the angel to go tell the disciples that Jesus had risen from the dead. They left the tomb with “fear and great joy.”

When they encountered the risen lord, He exclaimed, “Rejoice!” Then they knelt before Him, held Him by His feet and worshipped Him.

It struck me how they grabbed His feet and worshipped Him. Do we do the same? Are we so full of joy to know of our risen Lord that we will fall on the ground before His feet and worship Him?

When you think of God’s majesty incarnate in the person of Jesus, are you not overwhelmed at God’s love and grace? I believe He longs for us to tell Him how grateful we are, to worship Him with all that we are and all that we have.

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