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Trust Jesus on Life’s Ride

Recently, a friend of mine took me on an RTE. What’s that? Ride to Eat. What did we ride? A motorcycle. I’ve been coached about the terminology: He’s the rider; I’m the passenger. Some of you are saying . . . “Really? You rode on a motorcycle? You, Ann Baird, are the last person I would expect to take a risk like that.”

Truthfully, the first 30 minutes, I was holding on for dear life. My friend even asked if I wanted to turn around and go back! At that point I asked God to give me peace.

God said, “There’s a huge angel on the back of this bike. So what are you worried about?”

That helped me relax a bit. By the end of the ride, I was enjoying looking up at the clear blue sky as we went down the country road. I started making analogies regarding how this ride was like following Christ.

My friend is a safe rider and I know that I can trust him. When we started the ride, he told me to put my feet on the passenger foot pedals and NOT to take them off, even if we went down. (yikes!) He said that I needed to trust him on that. He told me when we turned to the right to simply look in that direction and when we turned left to look in that direction. Simple instructions. The point is that I am a passenger. If I start shifting weight or trying to help him, I could cause a problem. My friend is taller than me, so most of the time I couldn’t see where we were going.


I could not help but think how this is like following Christ. He gives us simple instructions to follow for our own well-being. We don’t always know where He is going. Just as I had to trust my friend to take me on a safe ride, we need to trust Christ to take us on life’s journey. Sometimes following Christ feels risky, like being a passenger on a motorcycle, yet when we follow His simple instructions, we will get to the destination He has planned for us.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

Proverbs 4:5-6




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