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Wisdom of Your Words

I was talking with a friend about the power of our words. No doubt many of us know and quote Proverbs 18:21, which says: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” It raises the question: What do we bring on ourselves by sharing confidences with those who we are not sure we can trust?

In my own life, I have shared hard times that I have experienced with some people who kept bringing up the bad times. What I realized is that I brought judgment on myself. God took me through a desert and I learned and grew as a Christian from the experience. Yet some people strapped a judgment on me and kept reminding me of the tough times. Did some of those speak out of turn about my “misfortune” behind my back? Did they say Ann is … and you fill in the blank… If they did, they cursed me. You may be thinking, really? They didn’t mean any harm. Look at Proverbs 18:21; what I read is that the tongue has mighty power to destroy.

What disturbs me even more is that honestly our greatest growth in our Christian walk comes from the hard times…when the result leads us to a stronger dependence on the Lord. Many Christians don’t realize this. We think God promised we would have it our way.  God promises that we can have it His way, which is ultimately better than anything we could choose for ourselves.

What we learn in our walk with Christ can help others grow, yet I think we need to be wise about what we share, as some do not know how to handle private information about someone else. Also, God is a God of freedom and new beginnings. I don’t believe He wants us to wallow in our past.

On the flip side, when people share things with you, keep your judgment meter on, and your lips sealed. As Christians, we have a tough enough battle, walking the walk without tearing each other down.

I leave you with a thought: What is the greeting that Paul used to begin many of his letters that are recorded in the New Testament? “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” What if we as the Body of Christ started addressing each other that way? I hope you will strive to bless and encourage others with your words, so we can walk together in our kingdom pursuits and quest to glorify God.

Forever Yours

“You saved me and I will be forever Yours. You made free to be forever Yours.”

This song, Forever Yours, speaks of our eternal relationship with God. He made such an ultimate sacrifice, not just for our eternal salvation. He died so we can live today, so we can bring Heaven to earth. How amazing that our God, so big and yet so personal, frees us to give our lives to Him, to cast our cares on Him, to seek His very face. Not a perfect and easy road, but a way to an abundant, free and enriched life.

No matter our pain or sorrow, no matter how big or how small, He longs to hold us in His arms and carry us to freedom. He longs to heal and deliver every pain, every hurt, every scar. He died for your sins and the sins that others have committed against you. He does not want you to carry the pain and the burden. Sometimes He will send friends who are a human manifestation of His love and grace. Look for these friends who show you His amazing and indescribable grace. And on one of those bad days . . . remember, you are forever His.

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