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Freedom of Forgiveness

God can heal your heart when you forgive. Forgiveness is truly for the benefit of the forgiver. Has someone hurt you so badly that you are trapped in the pain? Have you tied yourself to the pain so that it’s like a stake in the ground with a rope attached, that’s bound to your leg? You keep trying to run away from the pain, but you keep going in circles because you are attached to it… And now, the pain, the un-forgiveness in your heart, pushes you away from people who mean you no harm?

Ask God for a forgiving heart. Until you truly forgive, you will not be set free. It’s not a natural human reaction. We are so busy protecting our hearts that we forget about the love God calls us to.

Personally, God has helped me forgive by telling me to pray for the person who hurt me. The hurt was too big for me in my frail human condition. I didn’t know what to do with that hurt.

God can take your pain away, when you take the first step of forgiveness. You will be set free by the power of His grace.

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