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His Eye is on the Sparrow

Recently someone sent me a Utube link for a duo singing on Britain’s Got Talent. The young man Jonathon, who sang in this video, grew up with ridicule due to his physical size, which damaged his self esteem tremendously. He said if it weren’t for his singing partner Charlotte, he might not have had the courage to stand on the stage and sing.

The background music started and only a measure or two later an amazing opera voice boomed from this 17 year-old young man. A sparrow in heart, with a lion’s voice, he brought the audience to its feet. Afterwards, he had an almost giddy expression as he looked at his singing partner, hands shaking.

The duo received glowing reports from the judges. At the end, Jonathon’s countenance changed. A sparrow when He entered the stage, a lion when he left.

If you feel like a sparrow, a small insignificant person in God’s kingdom, know that in His eyes you are precious and He is watching over you. He sees you as amazing, the way the judges viewed the young man on stage. Never forget that He is watching over you, and He sees you as His precious own.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Though it may seem odd, sometimes the Lord directs me to stay away from someone. In some cases it has to do with the fact that I would judge that person, so I believe He directs me to stay away from them until that judgment passes. In other cases, I believe if I’m out of sight of the person, I’m out of their mind. Why would God suggest that I be “out of sight, out of mind?”

It’s the power of our words. Many of us are familiar with the scripture Proverbs 18:21, which says,

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Yet, how many of us really take heed of what that scripture says? Not only in the words we say, but in the words others say over us. They may not even realize they are cursing us.

The key is to hear God and follow what He says. If someone says you “are” something, cancel the curse. That said, if someone is describing a behavior you need to change, that is entirely different. For example, let’s say someone who lives in your home needs to wake up at 6:00am in order to dress for work and arrive on time, but they continually wake up at 6:45am making them late to work. Rather than saying, “you’re lazy,” you can describe the behavior. For example, “I notice that you are getting up at 6:45am, which is making you late to work. If you would wake up at 6:00am, you would be there on time every day.”

Watch your words, and the words of others. If you need to give someone feedback, describe behaviors. We can change those!

He is Risen Indeed!

On Easter, growing up in my family, one of us would say, “The Lord is Risen!” and the response was “He is risen indeed!” Isn’t that a wonderful thought that Christ does not remain on the cross? He is alive and well and among us!

We can call on Him for our every need, every care, every worry. He has won every victory for us already. Victories over sickness, broken relationships, lost financial means, lost hope and life’s discouragements.

Simply by calling His name, we are calling on His power. If you ever feel afraid, hurt or concerned, call on Him and His comfort. He has all the solutions if we learn to hear Him and follow His leadings.

He so longs to hold your hand and lead you down the path He has chosen for you. He can bring joy into every situation, no matter how traumatic it may be. He is indeed risen and alive today!

How Does God View You?

In your prayer time have you ever asked God what His vision for you is? I ask, because I believe that God has placed a dream in each of our hearts. A dream for all that He wants us to be and do on this earth. His dream is often beyond what we can imagine.

He wants to bless us, yet sometimes we limit that by not believing it. Think of someone you know who has made a huge difference on the planet, who has taken his or her God-given talents and aptitudes and applied them in amazing ways. That person had to see the vision and believe in God’s calling.

What is God’s dream and vision for you? What specific gifts, talents and experiences have shaped who you are? Ask Him to show you. His vision of all that you are will guide you to a fulfilling and blessed life.

Will You Let God Drive?

Recently I misplaced an important document. In my weekly prayer time with a dear friend, I asked that God would show me where it was. My friend felt God wanted me to look in my car. I’d already searched the car twice, but I went out in the garage, because I know God knows everything, and my friend is in tune to Him.

I felt directed to sit in the front passenger seat. Then God asked, “Will you let Me drive?” I answered, “of COURSE I’ll let You drive, don’t I always do that?” He asked again, “Will you let Me drive?” I realized that I might say that I put Him in charge of everything, but in fact I don’t.

I had a small LED flashlight with me, and God directed me to shine it in the storage compartment in the front seat console. As I peered into the compartment with the light shining, He said, “You have to shine My light on everything.” Think about that . . . that means every circumstance, relationship, conversation . . . everything. What a difference that would make in our lives!

Finally, I opened the shutters in my garage to see if it was raining. I got back in the passenger seat, so now I could see my front yard through the garage window. God said, “In the passenger seat you get a different perspective.” Another friend later pointed out that when someone else is driving, you can enjoy the view. The driver can take care of the obstacles. We trust others to drive us places . . . why don’t we trust God?

Ask Him to show you how to let Him drive, shine His light on everything and enjoy the new perspective. He cherishes everything about you, and is ready to take care of you.

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