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God’s Gifts of Healing

God heals us in many ways. He heals our souls through salvation, our hearts, our minds and bodies. He can heal our finances and our nation. These are all a gift from Him. We do not deserve His gifts. He gives them freely because of His deep, deep love for us.

Knowing that God is God and not human, you know that God’s love is so far beyond the love we feel as humans. So, think about how you give an untethered gift to someone, meaning: “no strings attached.” Do you give it because the person has earned it or deserves it? It’s likely you give it out of love for the person. You don’t expect anything in return or to reap benefits from the gift, only the gratification of knowing you have honored the person you care about. How much more does God, who loves beyond measure, feel about giving you healing gifts?

Look to your loving Heavenly Father for His precious healing gifts.

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