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Healing Relationships

The best way to maintain relationships is to create healthy ones in the first place. Yet, we are all human and sometimes relationships break down. It’s amazing how even relationships in the body of Christ go awry.

Recently, I heard a wonderful Christian motivational speaker and trainer say that we should “honor everyone.” I have translated that to “show grace to everyone.” Even though I think of myself as pretty accepting of people, being conscious of showing God’s grace to everyone has made changes in how people respond to me.

So how does this relate to healing relationships that are broken? Show grace to the person or people who are involved in the broken relationship. Let’s say you have a problem with some family members. Maybe you feel like they have shunned you, and treated you badly. Stop for a moment and think about what Jesus did for you. He took beatings, verbal attacks . . . alone and betrayed by trusted followers. Yet, He showed the ultimate grace by dying a brutal death for you.

So how will you show grace to people in broken relationships, no matter who seems to be the instigator? The first thing to do is ask God to show you what to do or say. In my life when I needed to forgive someone, or work on healing a relationship, often God has had me pray for that person. It’s amazing how that will change your attitude toward someone.

Be the initiator of healing relationships. It will bless you more than you know.

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