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Dear Lord, I Have It All…

Sometimes having it all means complete overwhelm! That is the time to turn to God, thank him for all your blessings, and then figure out how to check your bags at the gate! What exactly does that mean?

Well, you know that carrying personal baggage makes you tired. Maybe it’s a co-worker who annoys you, or the hour-long commute you have to the office, or even that you cannot get a good night’s sleep because you worry so much.

Clear yourself of that extra baggage and you will find you are more peaceful. Following is a little exercise from my book Dear Lord, I Have It All: a Career, a Family…and a Headache! By acknowledging emotional and personal baggage, and then choosing to deal with it differently, you will be released, and relieved, to move forward!

Self Check –

What’s Your Baggage?

How is that baggage holding you back?

What will you do to check that baggage?

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